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Slingo Games

Updated 03/07/20

The Slingo games phenomenon has made its way to the screens of the Castle Jackpot knights and maidens who seek to play such an innovative hybrid casino game online. For those who have played some of our slots online in the past, Slingo will be a breath of fresh air and for those jousters who have not, strap yourselves in for one of the most unprecedented casino game hybrids to date.

What makes Slingo games such a great addition to our online casino is the range of themes that are present with the bingo slot hybrid. The new mechanic offers games that range from popular TV shows such as Deal or No Deal Slingo to Asian inspired Slingo Fortunes, all of which offer such a unique take on what we’d consider as a typical slot game.

What are Slingo Games?

A combination of online bingo and slots online, Slingo offers players the opportunity to play a hybrid version of the two in an incredibly exciting casino addition to Castle Jackpot’s armoury. Created in the mid-90s across the pond, the amalgamation of two tremendously favoured casino games provided a whirlwind of popularity amongst its players that has since been on the rise. Slingo games are formatted in the sense that players cross off numbers, similar to a bingo card, that are spun from the machine that is similar to slot games. The colossal rise of Slingo games has provided Castle Jackpot with the overriding feeling that it is our duty to provide the fantastic casino game variation for our jousters to enjoy.

How to Play Slingo Games

Probably closer to online slot games, Slingo is formatted on a 5 x 5 grid with random numbers where players will be able to spin the reel to hopefully land the numbers that are on your card. Slingo games encompass many of the bonus features that make slots online so popular, such as Free Spins which should prove to add the same levels of popularity to Slingo.

While Slingo games offer a hybrid of two tremendously popular casino games, the way in which we play it is rather simple and actually has a lot of similarities to online slot games. So, before you jump into the game and start going for the huge potential jackpot prizes that can be won playing Slingo online - here are a few simple game mechanics for you to follow:

Set your Stake

As we see in many of our casino slot games, the first thing you need to do is set your stake. Like with all games, make sure you’re only betting what you can afford and to double check the Slingo games’ default amount is suitable for you. In most Slingo games, you’ll be able to use the +/- icon to place your bet accordingly.

Spin the Reels

As we see in slot games online, Slingo follows a similar format in the sense that reels must be spun in order to play the game. When you’ve staked your bet, hit the spin icon to set the reels in motion and get the Slingo game underway.

Wild Symbols

Slingo games online often incorporate the use of Wild symbols that we see in so many casino slot games, but in Slingo, there’s a slight twist. The Wilds usually allow players to check off any number in the corresponding column that the Wild lands on which gives players a bit more control than your traditional Wild.

Free Spins

Slingo games online also feature Free Spins that can be triggered once the Free Spins symbol lands on the reels. The Free Spins round is possibly the best casino bonus available when playing Slingo online and can be triggered at any moment in the base game.

How to Win Slingo Online

The question on everyone’s lips is, well, how do you win playing Slingo? Being a bingo slot hybrid, the way in which to do so takes inspiration from both casino games, however, it centres more around bingo when you consider the way in which you can win cash prizes. Numbers are marked off the grid based on the balls that shoot out of the slot machine - incredibly similar to the way in which you win in bingo online!

Depending on the exact online Slingo game you are playing, some require players to mark off a certain amount of numbers for any cash prizes awarded while others will grant a fixed cash prize for each line completed. It’s difficult to give a general overview as to how much each Slingo game pays out as it varies from game to game, but the concept remains consistent throughout each game - match the numbers that come out of the slot machine with the ones that are on the Slingo grid.

The Best Slingo Casino Online

As probably the best UK casino site for Slingo, we’re proud to showcase our wide range of games of the popular hybrid. We also occasionally offer casino bonuses based around Slingo too.

Not only is Castle Jackpot an ever growing gambling site, providing a wide range of casino games - we also proudly offer an array of bingo games in our Castle bingo room where many of our jousters find themselves when they’re taking a break from our slots online. Don’t believe us? Come in and take a look for yourself.