Online Blackjack Tips for Beginners

Online Blackjack Tips For Beginners

Are the jousters of Castle Jackpot ready to step aside from the online slots and give Blackjack a gander?

Well then, come one, come all as Castle Jackpot is ready to give the mighty knights and maidens of Castle Jackpot their Blackjack tips for beginners!

Firstly, Blackjack or what it was known as - 21, is a card game composed of the bittersweet combination of skill and luck. The objective of Blackjack is to draw out a hand that holds a higher value than the hand of the dealer. However, the jouster’s hand must NOT exceed the number 21. And if by chance the number is over 21, then the jousters will be at an automatic loss.

Now that we have explained briefly what Blackjack is, Castle Jackpot jousters must be wondering ‘where can I commence my joust of Blackjack?’ Well, worry not as the likes of Live Blackjack and Player’s Suite Blackjack are all ready when you are!

Blackjack Basic Strategy Tips

At Castle Jackpot we have tried and tested the Blackjack games and with our expertise, we are ready to enlighten our jousters with our wisdom of this much-loved table game. One of the most important aspects that all beginners should know about Blackjack is the different strategies used in the game. And that is why we are giving our jousters the low down on the basic Blackjack strategies so they may optimise their play. The basic strategy incorporates smart decision making when it comes to the options of surrender, hit and stand, doubling down, alongside insurance.

Pair Splitting

The first tip that we will be giving our eager jousters ready to take a peek at the Blackjack games available on Castle Jackpot is Pair Splitting.

Pair Splitting is a strategy that aims to lessen the house’s leverage. When Castle Jackpot jousters are aiming to play Blackjack in the most optimum way they should be questioning whether or not it would be better to give up the current hand by using the surrender option. And if jousters decide that the answer to that is no, then jousters should now ask themselves if a split would be of advantage or not.

If jousters decide to split their pair, they must always do this before hitting a card or choosing to double down. The option will only be available when thou have dealt two cards of the same value. An example of this would be having a hand being dealt of 4 - 4 - thou have the choice to play the hand of either eight or split the hand into 2 separate hands that have the value of 4. If the decision has been made to split an extra bet can be made at the same amount as the initial bet, meaning both hands would have a stake of the same value.


The second tip that will be discussed is the Surrender strategy, when it comes to Surrender strategy there are the options of early and late.

The early surrender is more common to find at land-based tables, this means there is always the possibility to surrender the hand, regardless of what the dealer's first card is showing. However, Castle Jackpot jousters should be aware that the surrender option must be used at the beginning of the round and if there has been any other decision made, the surrender option won’t be available.

The late surrender can be classed an unusual encounter that jousters may stumble on and when they do, it won't be possible to give up the hand whenever the dealer has been dealt a blackjack. If the dealer’s first card has a value of 10 or is an ace, the dealer will have a look at the second card. If it turns out that the dealer has blackjack, the surrender option won’t be available for the hand.

Hit and Stand

The decision to either hit or stand is the most common one made at the blackjack table.

A ‘hit’ means that the jouster requests another card from the dealer, if another card increases the chance of achieving a hand closer to or equivalent to 21 then the hit should be made.

A ‘stand’ means that the jouster will be sticking with the total of the two cards and this is done when the card in hand has a high chance of winning or if there is a high chance of going over 21 if there is another card in play.

Doubling Down

Doubling Down is a feature of Blackjack that will allow jousters to double their stake at a cost of only being able to hit one more card.

This option has 2 main benefits - 1 being the jouster having a good hand and 2 if the dealer has a bad hand with the high potential of surpassing 21. Normally doubling down will only be available on the first two cards that have been dealt and sometimes after a pair split. It is a rare occurrence jousters will come across the option after they have hit a card.


The insurance is a side bet that the jousters have the chance to place each time the dealer’s hand shows an ace. This will ensure the jouster’s hand in the off chance the dealer is dealt a blackjack and this will save the jouster money. The jouster will have the chance to place another bet with the value of half the amount of the original bet, this is a bet placed on the outcome that the dealer has a blackjack. The insurance bet holds the value of 3 times the stake, meaning if the dealer has turned over a card with the value of 10 resulting in 21, the jouster will end up breaking even on the hand and in turn not lose anything.

Even Money

Even money is the choice that is obtainable when the jouster has been dealt 21 and the dealer’s first card shown is an ace. If the decision has been made to play the Even Money option, jousters will promptly end the hand and be given a payout that is double the stake. This means that the jouster will not be at risk if the dealer ends up with 21 as well, this would have resulted in a push only to end up with the stake being given back to the jouster. By using even money, there is the potential to make a profit instantly regardless of what the dealer’s hand is. The payout of the even money is 2.5 times the stake.

Now that Castle Jackpot jousters understand the basic principle of the strategies, why not give Live Blackjack a gander and experience an authentic gaming experience right here at Castle Jackpot! And drop us a tweet @CastleJackpot, letting us know thou thoughts on the online blackjack games we have to offer.

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