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The Mega Guide to Playing Megaways Slots Online


If you’re looking for the ultimate guide to Megaways and to have all of your nagging questions answered, you have certainly come to the right place! For all of the information you could ever need before you play Megaways games, along with recommendations of the best Megaways slots, we have created this helpful guide for you to enjoy.

Megaways Frequently Asked Questions

What is Megaways?

Megaways is a term used to describe a certain type of slot game which offers many more ways to win than a typical online slots. Megaways slot games usually come with 6 reels and can have up to a massive 117,649 ways to win! With more ways to win, these games are very entertaining and full of action. Many of the existing popular slot games have already opted to make Megaways editions and they have been a huge success among players so far. Megaways has been so popular with casino players, that Megaways has itself become a franchise, which is why you will notice all of your favourite slots such as Eye of Horus and Rainbow Riches having a Megaways version too.

Why should I play Megaways slots?

Megaways are some of the biggest and best slots. They are by far the most interesting of all slot games because they have so many ways to win. Aside from this, they are also always packed full of exciting bonus features for you to enjoy. You can earn some huge wins from Megaways games. They come with excellent graphics, themes and designs which are very attractive to players. If you’re looking for less simplicity these are the ones for you as they tend to have 6 reels and a lot more happening as you play! Despite this, Megaways slots are fairly easy to get the hang of, just like regular slots. You don’t need to worry about memorising the mass amount of paylines since the game will do all of this for you. All you need to do is set your stake and hit spin!

How do you play Megaways games?

Megaways gameplay is fairly simple, meaning beginners can pick it up quickly. You begin by setting your stake which can be altered easily between spins. You then need to hit the spin button to start the reels spinning. When the reels finish spinning, if one of the many winning combinations is formed, your winnings will be calculated and added directly to your balance. Megaways games come with an autoplay function, meaning if you would rather spin a particular amount of times at the same stake value, without having to keep clicking the spin button, you can.

What are Megaways slots?

Megaways differ from regular slots as they involve shape-shifting reels that expand and move to cause multiple ways to win. Regular slots tend to have a set amount of reels with a fixed amount of paylines. Megaways paylines can vary between spins. You may have 2,401 ways to win on one spin, but once the reels have expanded you may end up with the maximum number of ways to win, which could be up to a massive 117,649 depending on the particular game you have chosen.

Rainbow Riches Megaways

How do Megaways games work?

The Megaways engine is unique and provides an amount of ways to win that you would never see on a normal slot game. Not only will random symbols be generated like on a typical slot game, but the random reel modifier in all Megaways games will generate a random amount of symbols too. This means you will be offered a large random amount of ways to win! Megaways slots usually have 6 reels, occasionally with one extra reel.

What does Megaways mean?

Megaways, simply put, means a mega amount of ways to win. Megaways games tend to have around 117,649 ways to win which provides a huge amount of potential for players. Normal slot games tend to offer up to 100 ways to win so there is a big difference in Megaways games. Because of the vast amount of ways to win produced by these online casino games, they can often provide the potential for you to win huge amounts of up to 50,000 times your stake! Not only this, but Megaways games are always incredibly feature-rich, meaning huge bonus multipliers, modifiers and much more can be added to your big wins to make them even bigger!

Where can I play Megaways slots?

You can play Megaways slots on all major casino sites including right here at Castle Jackpot. We have a huge selection of all of the best Megaways games for you to enjoy. Should you choose to play Megaways online, you will encounter a vast choice.

What special features do Megaways slots have?

Megaways bonus features vary across the different titles, however, there are some special features which are commonly found. Cascading reels is probably the most common feature for Megaways games and it is certainly a favourite among players. Other common special features of Megaways games include Mystery Symbols, Progressive Win Multipliers and Wild Multipliers.

What are cascading reels?

Cascading reels are a very common and great feature of Megaways games. This function allows multiple wins on each spin. Once you have formed one or more winning combinations, the symbols will disappear, allowing new symbols to fall in their place. This means you can continuously win on a single spin until there are no new winning combinations formed!

What are Progressive Win Multipliers

This feature complements the cascading reels feature by adding a progressive multiplier to the winning cascade count. This means that the more cascading wins you land, the higher the multiplier applied to your winnings.

What are Mystery Symbols?

Mystery symbols are a common feature of Megaways games which cause a chosen symbol to all transform into the same symbol. These can appear scattered around the reels or sometimes they can be stacked. Mystery symbols make it a lot easier to form winning combinations as you play.

What are Wild Multipliers?

Wild multipliers are wilds which have a multiplier attached. These are a great asset to any slot game as not only do you have the wild providing more chances of landing a winning combination, but also the added bonus of having your winnings amplified by the associated multiplier.

Deal Or No Deal Megaways

How many ways to win do Megaways games have?

Megaways slot games can vary on ways to win depending on the title. The highest number of ways to win on a true Megaways game is a massive 117,649! This can be found in Monopoly Megaways, for example. Other games can differ when it comes to ways to win, but there are always a lot of them!

Who invented megaways games?

A major software developer called Big Time Gaming developed the first slot games with the Megaways engine in 2018. Since Big Time created Megaways games, they have been a massive hit among slot game players around the world. Many other gaming providers, such as Blueprint Gaming, have since created versions of Megaways games, such as Fishin Frenzy Megaways. You will notice many of the most popular slot titles also have Megaways versions.

How do I know if I have won when playing Megaways?

Once you have landed one of the many winning combinations on offer, your winnings will be added directly to your balance on the screen. The game will automatically do this for you. As there is not a specific paytable, since there are so many ways to win, it is sometimes difficult to work out if you have won before the game tells you. Most win lines are formed by matching 3 symbols starting from reel 1. The way to have all winning ways unlocked is to have all of the reels expanded so that the maximum number of symbols are on display. Depending on the game, this is where you can potentially be exposed to 117,649 ways to win.

How is the number of ways to win calculated on Megaways games?

The number of reels is continuously multiplied by itself until it reaches the maximum amount of ways to win. The symbols on the first reel are multiplied by those on the second and then that amount is multiplied by the amount on the third and so on. Each reel has a total of 7 symbols. So, when the reels are fully expanded, the sum would be 7 to the power of 6, equalling 117,649 ways to win. The game will work all of this out for you as you play.

Where can I play a free play Megaways game demo?

Castle Jackpot offers a free play demo on all slot games once you have registered. If you want to try Megaways games out, you can play the demo and spin for free with no deposit required! Don’t forget to head over to the promotions page to claim your exclusive welcome offer when you sign up!