Vegas Single Deck Blackjack

How will your hand fare against the dealer’s? The Vegas Single Deck Blackjack does what it says on the tin, offering gameplay with a single regular deck to allow players the opportunity to turn a hand into a payout and beat the dealer to a hand closest to 21.




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About Vegas Single Deck Blackjack

Hear ye, hear ye, our fair knights and maidens of Castle Jackpot, introducing another fantastic blackjack game in the form of Vegas Single Deck Blackjack! As our loyal slots players often like a variety of online casino games to choose from, we felt it fitting to offer another tremendous variation in our casino armoury. As many players will be aware, the more traditional variations of online blackjack tend to offer multiple decks to play with, however Vegas Single Deck Blackjack only offers one. This does in no way reduce the awesomeness of the casino game itself and in turn makes it a much faster paced casino card game. Developed by Microgaming, many players should be aware of their fantastic slot games such as Lucky Leprechaun, but the casino developers have decided to turn their attention to card games with Vegas Single Deck Blackjack being a phenomenal addition to their portfolio.

How to Play Vegas Single Deck Blackjack

Blackjack is a very simple game that can often be overcomplicated through incorrect assumptions. The main aim of the game is to get closer to 21 than the dealer. There’s other facets of the game that alter the betting and way the game is played, but getting as close to 21 is the fundamental objective. If you want more of an insight, check out our Guide to Playing Online Blackjack for more details.

Chip Values

Blackjack casino games often vary when it comes to the value of the chips. In Vegas Single Deck Blackjack, the values are as follows:

- Purple = £1 - Light Blue = £2 - Dark Blue = £5 - Green = £10 - Orange = £20 - Red = £25 - Burgundy = £50 - Black = £100

The Basics of Vegas Single Deck Blackjack

There is only one deck of cards in play for this blackjack game. The aim of the game is to get closer to 21 than the dealer without exceeding 21. Dealers will place one card up and one card down when they are dealing the deck. The second card will only be revealed once the player has made their move. All cards are worth the value stated unless they are an Ace which can be 1 or 11. Picture cards are valued at 10. Pairs can be split in two with another card dealt alongside them. This will double the player’s hand and will place a separate bet.

How to Win Vegas Single Deck Blackjack

How to Set your Stake

In order to start the game, players must select the chips they are willing to stake on the circle in front of you. If you place a bet which you don’t want, press ‘Clear’ to remove all the chips.

How to Play

Once the dealer has dealt your first two cards, players can decide whether to ‘Stand’ or ‘Hit’. If you want to Hit, this will deal another card whereas if you Stand, you will stay with the cards that have been dealt.

Courtyard Commentary: Our Verdict

Another fantastic addition to our casino armoury from Microgaming with Vegas Single Deck Blackjack supplying fantastic gameplay and rapid round engagement. If you’re looking to play our more standard slot games, check out the ever popular Rainbow Riches slot or the astronomical themed Starburst slot.