Spin the reels of the authentic Roulette X2 wheel for the potential chance to win double payouts if you match the four dice on offer in the bonus game. Developed by Golden Rock Studios, it offers jousters the chance to partake in a lifelike casino setting from the comfort of their home.

About Roulette X2

Good morrow knights and maidens, although we have lots of online slots for thou to spin the reels of here in the Castle Jackpot court, we also have a wide range of online casino games, and this modern Roulette game from Golden Rock Studios tops the rankings, so it’s time to pull up a chair as you spin the wheel of Roulette X2.

Developed by Golden Rock Studios, the brains behind Volatile slot, this game offers jousters a interesting feature which builds on the traditional game of European Roulette as it can give thee the chance to add a double-your-winnings multiplier to the conclusion of each spin if the rolled dice match in thy favour, something quite unique that we’ve never seen before in any of the table games we have in our collection.

The game itself adopts high-style graphics alongside the traditional table game format which many of our players will be familiar with, offering a swift playing experience from the laying of chips to the spinning of the wheel itself, giving thee an authentic game experience no matter whether you’re new to the world of online casino or you're an old hand.

How To Play Roulette X2

As with all Roulette games, the aim of the game is to match the number spun on the wheel with those that appear on the table itself. The ball can land in one 1 of 37 places, 18 being red, 18 being black and 1 of those being green (0).

Before the wheel is spun, players can choose to either place a bet on a single number, whether it will be red or black, odd or even, or you can choose more specific bets, many of which can be found in our Ultimate Live Roulette Guide. We’d also recommend taking a look over the game rules before you spin the wheel as they can offer a more in-depth explanation.

Place Your Bets

Jousters can place a bet in Roulette X2 by first selecting their chip value which is located at the bottom of the screen. After choosing their value, players then choose their selected bets where they have the ability to place several chips on different bets or the same wager.

Spin The Wheel

Once jousters are happy with their stake in Roulette X2, they can spin the wheel by clicking the green button that is located at the bottom of the screen. The wheel will then rotate until it stops, and once the ball has landed in the segment, the winning number will be announced.

Clear Bets

There is the option for jousters to remove bets from the table by clicking the undo button.

Roulette x2 Bonus Features

After a winning spin of the Roulette Wheel, it can trigger the bonus option in Roulette X2, which is also called the Golden Rock Bonus. In the feature, the player is presented with a set of 4 dice, the dice will then roll, and if all 4 of them match, the player's winnings will be doubled. The amount jousters will win is dependent on their total bet and the type of bet that has been placed.

Roulette X2 Courtyard Commentary

Here at Castle Jackpot, we’re always adding new online slots to our collection, but we’re breaking away from the norm here with a table game. Offering players an authentic gaming experience by taking in a live casino setting from the comfort of your home, we think it’s a game that will appeal to experienced gamers and new players alike. If you’d like to play other Roulette games, why not give the Authentic Roulette Lobby a try? Or head over to our Lightning Roulette.