Mystery Reels

Mystery Reels is a simple fruit themed slot revolving around the eponymous symbol, the Mystery Fruit. When this symbol lands, it clones itself a random number of times and spreads across the reels. When the cloning is complete, the symbols simultaneously flip and could reveal any of the paying symbols.




Min Bet


Max Bet

Bonus: Mystery Symbol, Wheel Bonus

Base Game

Mystery Reels is a 20 payline slot played on a 5x3 reel interface.


Total Stake

The Total Stake is the amount that will be placed on the next round. You can change the Total Stake by pressing the right (+) and left (-) buttons.


The Auto feature will allow you to select a number of rounds for the game to automatically play for.


The Pays button will bring up the paytable, where you can view the value of each symbol, alongside information on the games bonuses.


Press Spin to place your bet and start the next round.

Mystery Symbols

When the Mystery Fruit appears on the reels, a random number will display on the fruit. This is the number of times the symbol will clone itself. It may then move up, down, left or right across the reels until the clones have been placed. In a final step, the cloned Mystery Fruit symbols will flip to reveal the final symbol from the paytable. It could be any of the paying symbols or even the Wheel Bonus award.

Wheel Bonus

Each Wheel Bonus symbol on the reels awards one spin of this stake multiplier feature which sits above the slot. The more spins you win, the greater the chance of hitting big prizes. Spins of the wheel may award direct stake multipliers at the levels indicated, or they may add extra spins, or they may boost the multipliers for the chance of even bigger prizes on subsequent spins!