Live American Roulette

Some European casinos offer American Roulette, others do not. You don't have to worry if you're playing online here at our casino. Why? Because we offer Live American Roulette alongside our other fantastic live roulette games. You can play the American game any time you want, from anywhere you have an internet connection.




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About Live American Roulette

American roulette differs from its European cousin in a couple of ways. First is the roulette wheel itself. Where a European wheel has a single zero pocket along with black and red pockets numbered 1 through 36, the American wheel has an extra pocket known as the double zero.

This difference facilitates a slightly different layout for the American game as well. In other words, the extra double zero is added to the layout. There is also an extra wager available in the American game that is not allowed in the European game. That wager is discussed in the 'Extras' section below.

Everything you experience in Live American Roulette happens in real time. It is made possible through high-tech video and audio streaming that brings the casino studio right to you. You can play on any computer or mobile device, too. Live American Roulette will function just fine on any modern computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Please note that the quality of your audio and video experience partly depends on the speed of your internet connection. As long as you're on a relatively high-speed broadband connection, everything should be as smooth as glass.

Live American Roulette Game Presentation

The Live American Roulette studio has been decorated to look just like a land-based casino. Logging in takes you right to a roulette wheel staffed by a trained croupier who knows how to work the camera for the best possible experience. With a little imagination, you will feel like you're standing right at the roulette wheel you see on your screen.

The game is made possible by combining computer-generated graphics with a live audio and video. So while the roulette wheel and table are genuine, the graphics you see on your screen are computer-generated. They include your poker chips and a variety of buttons that control your actions. Get to know the 'clear' and 'undo' buttons as they could be particularly important to you during the course of play.

One of the more interesting aspects of Live American Roulette is the fact that you can communicate directly with your croupier. Just use the integrated chat tool to send a message. Your croupier will see it on a studio monitor in real time and should your message require a response, he or she croupier will simply speak. You will hear the response over your audio system.

Being able to interact with your croupier adds authenticity to the Live American Roulette experience. If you are playing a video game presented as a simulation, there would be no such interaction. It would be just you and some impersonal software with no name or face.

How to Play Live American Roulette

If you are familiar with roulette at land-based casinos, you should be able to adapt to Live American Roulette very easily. You will have no trouble at all if you routinely play roulette online as the rules are the same. Whatever you would do in a land-based casino you can do online.

When the croupier opens the layout for new wagers, you drag-and-drop chips on the table. Bet on whatever you like. Place your chips at the top of one column, to the side of one row, on a diagonal trio, or anything else that suits your fancy. You can wager on groups of numbers, colours, and odd/even numbers. There are literally dozens of different bets to choose from.

At some point the croupier will call for no more bets. That's the point at which the roulette wheel will be put into action. You will hear the wheels spinning and the ball running around the rim in the opposite direction. After a few seconds you will hear the ball began rattling around on the inside of the wheel. Eventually it will find a pocket and settle in.

If you covered that pocket, you win. Otherwise, you lose the chips you placed on the table. They will be cleared so that the croupier can call for new bets.

Live American Roulette Extras

The one extra feature in Live American Roulette is the Five Bet. This is a bet placed on the two house pockets along with the 1, 2, and 3. The Five Bet doesn't necessarily increase your chances of winning (roulette is completely random in every way), but it does give you yet another option.

Live American Roulette represents your opportunity to play the American version of roulette without having to visit a land-based casino. If you've never played this variation before, why not give it a try today?