Ghostbusters Plus

If there’s something strange in Castle Jackpot, then there is only one team we can call, and that’s the Ghostbusters. Packed full of action-packed bonus features, spooky ghoulish wilds and familiar monsters, Ghostbusters Plus slot will transport thee back to the heart of the cult 80s classic and give all our jousters and maidens a blast of nostalgia as Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston.




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Max Bet

Bonus: Free Spins, Level Up Plus, Ghost Battle

About Ghostbusters Plus Slot

“We’ve got one” at Castle Jackpot loyal knights and maidens, and no we aren’t talking about an infestation of ghosts - although there are a few floating around the Castle grounds, we’re talking about a ghoulish game that we’ve added to our collection of online casino slots, and that is Ghostbusters Plus. Set against the backdrop of the Ghostbusters fire station, which includes the quintessential sign and car, the game reels float hauntingly above the background adding even further to the spooky nature of this slot.

We certainly ain’t afraid of no ghosts in this 5x3 online casino game which features 25 paylines, and mixes symbols from across the saga of Ghostbusters movie from the original quartet of Ghostbusters, villains such as Slimer, Zuul, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and other supernatural creatures that can appear across the reels. The third game in the series of online slots which all follow a similar theme, also includes the traditional live casino symbols jousters would expect to see featured within an online casino game at Castle Jackpot.

Developed by IGT, the masterminds behind the popular Cleopatra slot and the magical-themed Pixies of the Forest, this online casino game is packed full of bonus features for jousters to unearth beneath the reels, including an equipment feature which includes a Proton Pack and Ecto Goggles, Ghost Battles where becoming the victor can drop multiple wilds on the screen and the Free Spins feature, so join the gang and begin your ghost hunt at Castle Jackpot.

How to Play Ghostbusters Plus Slot

Set Thy Stake

Jousters can set their stake in Ghostbusters Plus Slot by clicking the (+) and (-) arrows either side of the total bet amount. This will increase the coin value for each spin which will be multiplied by the number of paylines included in the slot.

Spin the Reels

Once thou art happy with thy chosen stake in Ghostbusters Plus slot, knights and maidens can spin the reels by clicking the eerie blue play button in the bottom right of the game screen.


Looking for the ghost-filled reels to spin by themselves? By enabling the Autoplay mode, jousters can set the number of times they’d like the reels to spin for, and in this feature, if a jackpot is awarded, a bonus is triggered, or the single win amount is reached, the reels will automatically stop.

Ghostbusters Plus Bonus Features

Ghost Battle Feature

Grab your proton pack and be ready to take aim at the reels in Ghost Battle Feature. Jousters will shoot the ghost which appears on the game screen, which can drop up to 3 Ghost Wilds. If thou art able to reduce the health of the spectre to zero and it’s captured, the player’s in-game level increases which can unlock new features and increase the RTP.

Ghost Wilds

These are the symbols you’ll need to look out for during the Ghost Battle and if they find their way onto the reels in Ghostbusters Plus, they will be dropped into the Ghost Queue and will be triggered on the next paying spin after the conclusion of the Ghost Battle. There are 3 potential Ghost Wilds available within the game and each will offer jousters a specific bonus.

Multipliers Ghost Wilds which are available at the start of the game are 3x, 5x, and 10x, with the fourth, a 25x multiplier, added if a player can trigger the Free Spins Bonus. Expanding Ghost Wilds will place symbols on the reels and expand them across four different directions including Horizontal, X, Cross, and Jumbo. The final Ghost Wild is the extra feature which will add more symbols on the reels to potentially increase the chances of winning.

Zuul Free Spins

If jousters are lucky enough to land 3 Ghostbusters Scatter symbols across reels 1, 3 and 5 of this online slot, this will trigger the Zuul Free Spins features. The iconic supernatural being from the first Ghostbusters movie, players will use their proton packs to zap the ghost and will then be awarded a specific number of Free Spins that also include a Ghost Wilds bonus. Players who can land additional Scatter symbols during this bonus can re-trigger this special feature.

Level Up Plus

Capture Ghosts within this Ghostbusters Plus slot and jousters can be awarded new features, new ghosts, and the potential of higher payouts. Jousters can level up a maximum of 10 times within the slot, and their level and experience will be saved for the next time they visit and spin the reels.

There are ten possible features for thou to trigger during your spins and these are:

Level 1 - Players can land the 3x, 5x, and 10x multiplier and be given a Proton Pack as the equipment feature.

Level 2 - The Ghost Sniffer feature will become active.

Level 3 - Jousters will be awarded the Expanding Ghost Wilds Feature.

Level 4 - The PKE meter feature is activated.

Level 5 - Players will be awarded 2+ and 3+ extra Ghost Wilds.

Level 6 - The Ecto Goggle feature becomes active.

Level 7 - Jousters will receive the Wild Ghost Expansion in the cross shape.

Level 8 - The Psychogram Helmet feature becomes active.

Level 9 - Extra Ghost Wilds will be added to the reels.

Level 10 - Tobin’s Spirit Guide - a book carried by the Ghostbusters will become active.

Equipment Features

Proton Pack - Turn 2, 3 or 4 symbols in a character symbols for increased win potential.

Ghost Sniffer - Reveal all the hidden ghosts on the reels and trigger a Ghost Battle.

PKE Meter - Turns symbols in Wilds.

Ecto Goggles - Adds extra bonus symbols to the reels when two are in play to trigger the Free Spins Bonus.

Psychogram Helmet - Provides two bonus symbols when only one is showing on the reels to trigger the Free Spins bonus.

Courtyard Commentary

Hear ye, hear ye, there we have it loyal subjects of the Castle Jackpot court, our King and Queen have seen fit to award this ghostly slot their royal decree, and we don’t think it’ll be long until Ghostbusters Plus will become a hit in the castle court. Packed full of bonus features, multipliers and wilds, you won’t be afraid of any ghosts if you spin the reels of this slot. If you’re looking for a slot with a similar classic nostalgia theme, then you could always try our [Beavis and Butthead slot](/games/beavis and butthead), or if you’re looking for a jackpot slot then why not give The Goonies Jackpot King a whirl?