We’re counting our lucky stars for you to conquer the Five Star Online Slot Game, our quirky, traditional game has reached its golden age as it’s one of the earliest slot machines in casino history! Look to make history tonight by playing Five Stars as it’ll look to give you that Friday night feeling with it’s colourful fruits and golden ways! With our 5 chances of winning on each spin, special features and instant win rounds you’ll have more chances to win!

How to play

Always make sure you’ve got your desired bet value selected before starting the online slot game, once you’ve chosen your bet value, you can begin! Click the spinning arrow icon to spin the fruity symbols, remember! You have 5 separate slots which means you’ve got a whole 5 chances to win! The aim of the game is to match up fruits in a line so keep your eyes peeled!

Five Star Buttons


Wait! Before you start playing Five Star Online Slot Game always ensure you’ve got your ‘Coin Value’ and ‘Level’ selected to your desired choice and then simply click the spinning arrow button to start spinning!

Auto Play

Once your coin value and levels are selected, you can click the ‘Auto’ button to let your reels do magic and spin automatically for the amount of rounds chosen without clicking a button!

Total Stake

Click the minus ‘-’ and the add ‘+’ buttons to increase or decrease your desired bet value and once selected, you can get started!

Five Star features

Symbol Wins

Ah, the benefits of fruit! Each and every fruit symbol including the lucky number 7 of course all give a certain amount of coins depending on how many identical fruits appear on the screen therefore if you have x3 amounts of orange it will give you 3 however if you get x5 of orange you’ll receive 12! We always knew fruit was good for us!

Instant Win

Instant win is another popular feature of ours that gives you a win and it also gives you the chance of a repeat spin! We’re granting you all the endless possibilities for this game.

Repeat Spin

Bringing more special features along your way with our Repeat Spin Feature which enhances your chances of getting a win! All line wins can trigger this feature to multiply the win over and over again! We wish you a fun win!


Ooo, let me see! A Five Star Symbol is a lot more rare than your average fruits, with 3 Five Star Symbols you are awarded with an instant win, 4 for a bigger payout and 5 to claim a gigantic prize fund of 300x.