Elven Magic

Enter the forest and spin the reels of Elven Magic online slots. See if you can find the Elven Archer who can award thee bonus features through her magical arrows of Fire, Wind, Nature and Ice.




Min Bet


Max Bet

Bonus: Arrow of Fire, Arrow of Wind, Arrow of Nature, Arrow of Ice, Archery Bonus

Getting Started
Elven Magic is a 5x3 online slot game with a magical theme and a female archer as your sidekick.


Total Stake
You can adjust your total stake value by clicking the arrows, which increase or decrease your wager.

Select the ‘Autoplay’ button to spin the reels for a selected number of spins, at a stake value of your choice. You can stop this function at any time by selecting ‘Stop’.

Select the pays button to view the paytable. This will give you a visual on the winlines and how to activate the bonus feature on this slot game.

Once you have plumped for your total stake you need to select the ‘Spin’ function, which will begin the round.

Special Features

The Elven Archer
The Elven Archer is like your guardian watching over your potential wins. When she appears she’ll fire an arrow at a target deep in the forest to help you receive 1000x your stake.

Elven Magic Archery Bonus
The Elven Archer will appear at the bottom left of the online slot and fire a quiver of golden arrows at a target set in the enchanted forest. If she’s accurate you could be on for 1000x your stake in winnings.

Elven Magic Wind Bonus
When the Elven Archer shoots an arrow of wind at the reels, the tiles will spin to reveal a magical win.

Elven Magic Nature Bonus
When the Elven Archer appears and fires an arrow of nature at the slot reels, they will leave behind a selection of random wilds for extra wins.

Elven Archer Ice Bonus
The Elven Archer will pop up and fire arrows of ice at the reels. The symbols will freeze on the reels and you will be awarded with a Free Respin and the chance to increase your winnings.

Elven Archer Fire Bonus
During this round the Elven Archer will fire an arrow of Fire at the reels, this will burn random tiles leaving symbols in place of them, giving you the chance of receiving a bigger win.