Crazy Time

It’s bonus rounds galore in the phenomenal Crazy Time online casino game, with 54 segments across the wheel and 4 fantastic bonus rounds that could land you a multiplier up to x20,000 your stake!




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Bonus: Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, Crazy Time

About Crazy Time Casino Online

Strap yourselves in jousters, it’s about to get crazy. This live casino addition to our portfolio is a rocket of a casino game with a stupendous amount of bonus features and fast paced gameplay that can keep any knight or maiden engaged. Developed by Evolution Gaming who are less known for their slots online but more so their fantastic casino games, they have brought to life a similar rendition to live casino games such as Monopoly Live that encompasses both a live dealer but also a grand wheel that determines the outcome of the game. The overriding objective of the casino game is to essentially bet where the wheel will stop across the 54 segments of the board.

How to Play Crazy Time Online Casino

To set the wheel in motion, players must initially set their stake on one of the bet spots from 1, 2, 5 or 10 as well as one of the bonus game spots - Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip or Crazy Time. As it is a live game, there is a betting time for players to adhere to, so once that is up the wheel shall spin and simultaneously a two reel slot will spin also. Every round, the Top Slot will determine a multiplier. If the bet spot and Top Slot align, then players will unlock that multiplier and it shall be assigned into the game - if not, the game will continue as normal. The winning number is determined by where the Crazy Time wheel stops and which number the flapper at the top of the wheel lands on. If the number or bonus round that lays beneath the flapper corresponds with your bet, you win.

Crazy Time: Bonus Features

Cash Hunt

Trigger this bonus round for multiplier heaven! When activated, a wall of 108 multipliers will appear on screen and if you land a Top Slot during the base game, all 108 multipliers will be increased! A countdown will then begin where players have to shoot out of a cannon onto the board where they think the highest multiplier hides beneath. The cannonball will cover a number of positions, so players could reveal a number of multipliers!


Similar to the Cash Hunt bonus round, Pachinko reveals a wall of multipliers but with a slight twist. The bonus round has 16 random multipliers at the base of the wall and a puck drop zone, similar to that of a 2p coin machine that you find in arcades. Watch the puck drop down the pegs and land in a zone that will reveal your multiplier. If the puck lands on Double, the drop is made once again with the doubled multipliers available at the bottom. You can land this Double multiple times and potentially increase the multiplier to x10,000! The multipliers don’t stop there though, sometimes a Rescue Drop can be thrown into the mix with a multiplier of x2, x3 or x4. If this does happen, all multipliers that are of a lower value than the Rescue Drop shall be replaced and equalled to the value of the bonus symbol.

Coin Flip

A simple ‘Heads’ or ‘Tails’ coin flip with a multiplier on each side - the coin is flipped with the multiplier that has been won in the Top Slot section. Whichever side lands face up is the winner. There’s also a ‘Rescue Flip’ where the values can be increased if the multipliers are too low.

Crazy Time

Behind the secret red door lies a 64 segment wheel with a crazy amount of bonus multipliers! With three flappers to take into consideration, this bonus round has all the bells and whistles for a potential jackpot prize! Players must choose a flapper from 1 of 3 options, once the wheel has stopped spinning it lands on a multiplier, the flappers will all point to a specific segment with your flapper corresponding with the multiplier you’ve just triggered. If one of the flappers stops at Double or Treble, the multiplier will be increased and can reach up to x20,000! That’s Crazy Time for you.