Count Duckula

The world has gone quackers! Sink your teeth into the spooktacular Count Duckula online slot game, with a large batch of bonus features to help you try and win even MORE! You may even have a throwback moment of Count Duckula as it used to be a popular television show and now it’s got it’s very own online slot game. Spin off into a world of fearful days in Count Duckula online slot, who knows what riches you may find!




Min Bet


Max Bet



Bonus: Tombestone Bonus, Ancestor Pick Me Bonus, Dr. Von Goosewing Free Spins, Wild Heart Free Spins, Duckula Big Money Bonus, Jackpot King Progressive

Count Duckula - Buttons

Total Bet

Lucky feeling? In Count Duckula online slot, you can change the Total Bet amount one of two ways, You can either select the arrow buttons to increase or decrease your stake, or you can select the bet button and choose which stake you would like to play. So, what’s it to be?


Wrap yourself into a world of shocking riches in Count Duckula online slot! Make sure your Total Bet is selected and once you’re satisfied, click the ‘Spin’ button to begin!


You can do it, we’re counting on you! One click and your life could be changed for the better in Count Duckula online slot. Simply select the ‘Autoplay’ button to spin the reels automatically for a number of rounds you wish.


Look out! As our Wilds could help YOU win huge cash prizes! In Count Duckula online slot, the Wild symbols can help you create new or longer winlines as it will substitute for other symbols except the Scatter symbol. Will our sneaky Wilds land on your reels?

In-Game Modifiers

Attention! In Count Duckula online slot, the following in-game modifiers can be activated during any spin by Duckula, Igor or Nanny.

Duckula Wilds

Their running WILD in Count Duckula online slot!?!? The Duckula Wilds are activated if Count Duckula appears out of the side of the reels and walks onto the reels, disappearing into a Wild symbol. This will result in Wilds then appearing on the reels and the reels will begin to spin and Count Duckula will come out and the reels will come to a stop. Have you got a clear eye for big winning opportunities?

Igor Mystery Potion

Oh my! What was that!? Don’t be alarmed, you’ll know the Igor Mystery Potion is activated once Igor walks onto the reels carrying a tray of potions. Igor will fall over beside the reels and this will cause the potions to spill and mystery symbols will appear on the reels. Look out for Igor and his clumsy habits in Count Duckula online slot as he could help you claim the riches you deserve!

Nanny Colossal Wilds

We weren’t kidding when we said it was all to play for in Count Duckula online slot! The Nanny Colossal Wilds are activated when Nanny walks onto the reels, which will result in a Colossal Wild being added onto the reels.

Duckula’s Winged Winspin

What was that? It’s only Count Duckula making another appearance onto the reels! Duckula’s Winged Winspin is activated when Count Duckula walks onto the reels after a spin so watch out for him as he could appear at any given time.

Count Duckula Bonus Features

Bonus Activation

HELP! The bonuses are flooding in on Count Duckula online slot! If you receive 3 bonus symbols anywhere on the reels, the Bonus feature will be triggered. There are 5 different bonus features in total and the Rapid Fire Cashpot Prize can be awarded. The bonus game that you will be awarded with will appear onto the reels and you will then be taken to the Duckula Wall of Fame. This is where you have a wonderful opportunity to improve on the bonus you have received, so will you use this chance wisely!?

Tombstone Bonus

Enter Count Duckula online slot if you DARE! This Tombstone Bonus game is played out on a different screen, where you will be presented with a screen showing several tombstones; Within this bonus game, you will need to select tombstones, this will then reveal cash values. However, if Dr Von Goosewing is revealed, this bonus feature will come to an end. Take the wheel and spin off into Count Duckula online slot to see what spooktacular prizes you’ll find!

Ancestor Pick Me Bonus

Hey over here! Pick me, pick me! The bonuses seem endless in Count Duckula online slot, once the Ancestor Pick Me Bonus is activated, you will be presented with a bonus screen. On the bonus screen you will see picture frames hanging on the wall. To enter the Super Bonus Spin, you will need to reveal 3 Count Duckula heads, however when Dr. Von Goosewing is revealed, the bonus feature will come to an end. Pluck up the courage and charge into Count Duckula online slot will all your might to see if you’ll take home winnings!

Dr Von Goosewing Free Spins

FREE!? Don’t mind if I do! The Dr Von Goosewing Free Spins Bonus game is played in just the place where you will receive 10 free spins and sticky wilds are active. After the free spins have come to an end, the game will finish and you will return to the base game with your winnings. What will free spins help you achieve? Escape into Count Duckula online slot if you think you’re brave enough, who knows what cash prizes you could take home today!

Wild Heart Free Spins

We can’t believe our eyes in Count Duckula online slot! MORE free spins? You better believe it! The Wild Heart Free Spins bonus feature if played out on a screen which features Count Duckula’s castle and Wild hearts. You will receive an tremendous 10 free spins on the reels and can collect up to 20 wild hearts. Are you ready for a new world of riches?

Duckula’s Big Money Bonus

Put some shades on and feast your eyes on the blinding Big Money Bonus! Duckula’s Big Money Bonus is played out on a screen where Dr. Von Goosewing has strapped Duckula to the money wheel. You will then have to spin the big money and every segment that you land on, will award you with a big money multiplier. Once you have landed on a segment it will turn into a Dr Von Goosewing segment and if you land on a Dr Von Goosewing segment then this bonus feature will come to an end. With enormous cash prizes at stake, will you roll up to Count Duckula online slot and get a taste of your potential luxurious new lifestyle?

Rapid Fire Cashpot

Dreaming of a flaming hot new fortune? You’ve come to the right place! In Count Duckula online slot, the Rapid Fire Cashpot Bonus feature is a mini. In game-cash pot prize. You will be able to activate the Rapid Fire Cashpot during the Wall of Fame. The level of the tomato sauce in the Cashpot meter shows how likely you are to activating the Rapid Fire Cashpot. If you are lucky enough to win the Cashpot then it will reset and begin to build up again.

Jackpot King

Are you blinded by our shiny gold jackpots? This game uses blueprints Jackpot King, this is a game with many stages which gives you the chance to play for a huge progressive jackpot if you can battle your way to the final stages.

How does the jackpot end up to be so overflowing I hear you ask? 0.13% of each stake is added to a reserve pot. When the Jackpot King is dropped it will reset using the reserve pot. The Jackpot begins with a seed fund , which means the Jackpot ends up being funded by the initial seed with an added 0.86% of each stake. Then the final drips of that is the equivalent to 0.13% which is given to the reserve pot.