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    Top Cat

    Life in a New York alley is all fun and games in Top Cat slot, just like the iconic Top Cat TV show, Top Cat and his gang follow the many get rich quick schemes so why not hit the road with them to see if you will bag some riches! Get into all sorts of mischief as they are con artists at leading assorted scams, gambling activities and harebrained stunts all in the pursuit of a fast dollar, will you embark on their behaviour to win BIG?! Well, they most definitely know the systems in NYC so what are you waiting for? Take a throwback with your favourite characters in Top Cat online slot to see if youíll take home HUGE cash prizes! 


    Top Cat - Buttons


    I want to be a winner! Calm down Tiger, youíve got to know how to win before you do! In Top Cat online slot you can select the 'Paytable' to view the winlines in this slot and all the features that can help you win MORE cash prizes! 

    Total Bet

    Lucky day!? In Top Cat online slot, you can select the 'Total Bet' button to choose how much you wish to play per spin. 


    Make your dream fortune a reality in Top Cat online slot! You can select the Autoplay button to spin your reels automatically for a number of rounds you wish. Happy spinning!


    Come on, Top Cat and his gang are waiting in Top Cat online slot! Once youíve checked that your ëTotal Betí is selected, simply click the 'Spin' button to spin those mischievous reels! 

    Top Cat Bonus Features 


    Do you believe in magic? You might do after this! In Top Cat online slot, the Wild symbols will help you to create remarkable win lines or longer win lines, offering the chances of bigger wins! In Top Cat online slot there are 4 different kind of Wilds that you can receive which are the following: Water Wilds, Choo Piano Wilds, Dibble Wilds and Hot Dog Wilds. What symbols will cross your path? Spin into Top Cat online slot and embark on a journey!

    Call Or Nothing 

    Heís back again! Top Cat is making a comeback to the reels in Top Cat online slot! During any spin, Top Cat can appear from out of his trash can. This will then activate the Call Or Nothing Bonus feature and you will see Top Cat ringing one of his gang. The member of the gang Top Cat rings will determine what Wild Bonus Round the player will receive. What bonus round will you win!? Spin into Top Cat online slot now and see for yourself!

    Chooís Piano Wilds 

    Itís like music to the ears in Top Cat online slot! If Top Cat rings Chooís phone, he will walk up to the centre reel. Appearing from the top of the reels. Brain will then drop a piano onto Chooís head, this will then cause a huge bump to grow. Stars will circle around the bump as they spin, they will then randomly place themselves on the reels. Each time a star lands on the reels, this will substitute the symbol into a wild for you. Are you ready to cause chaos to receive your dream fortune? Play Top Cat online slot now and see what prizes you could take home! 

    Brainís Water Wilds 

    Splash into golden riches on Top Cat online slot! If Top Cat rings Brianís phone, a water hydrant will appear at the bottom of each reel. Brain will then walk past each reel, he will then use his wrench to send water splashing onto the reels. Once the reels have dried off, thereís a big chance that it will reveal a WILD reel. You can turn all 5 reels into wild reels, so what are you waiting for? Get up to all sorts of antics with Top Cat and his gang now!

    Spookís Mice as Nice 

    Same old, same ways as some may say in Top Cat online slot! If Top Cat rings Spookís phone, then he will stay out of the Trash Can after the reels have came to a stop. Top Cat has all the tricks up his sleeve and begins to blow his whistle and a number of mice will then appear next to symbols on the reels. The mice will then substitute this symbol to help you create new or longer winlines. Top Cat will continue to blow his whistle and each time it will create new winlines. Do you have enough courage to stand by Top Catís side as he causes mayhem in Top Cat online slots? Spin in today and see what incredible cash prizes you may win!

    Benny's Colossal TVís 

    Pick up the phone! In Top Cat online slot, if Top Cat rings Bennyís phone, he will then appear and he will press a button on his remote. Then you will see a huge TV be thrown onto the reels, which will show a number rising. This number will show the amount of smaller TVís that are going to be placed on the reels as they are spinning. Once the reels stop, any TV that is showing on the reels will then be substituted to reveal the same symbol. Are you prepared to cause mischief to win BIG cash prizes!? Spin into Top Cat online slot today! 

    The Master Plan 

    *Que dramatic evil laugh* Muahaha! Feeling scared or worried yet? No need to! In Top Cat online slot you will need to unlock the Master Plan if you dare once you receive a bonus symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5. Once this Master Plan is activated you will be taken to a Pick A Plan screen, where you will have to choose which Bonus R ound to play. Which plan will you go with and which one will serve you best? Play Top Cat online slot now and win BIG!

    Fancy Fancyís Hot Dog 

    Indulge into Top Cat online slot to see if youíll active any bonus rounds! If you activate the Fancy Fancyís Hot Dog, then a Hot Dog Vendor will appear. This will place his cart onto the 5th reel, covering the Hot Dog Wild. Fancy Fancy will show up and he will cast his rod onto the Hot Dog Vendorís Cart. After each spin he will then pull the cart with the Hot Dog Wild one reel to the left. The cart will keep being pulled until it reaches the 1st reel. After a spin on the 1st reel, the Vendor will take his cart back and this is when the bonus will come to an end. Do you carry a mischievous reputation? Join Top Cat and his gang on Top Cat online slot and see what HUGE cash prizes you could take home! 

    Cash Picker Bonus 

    One manís trash is another manís treasure!? Correct! In Top Cat online slot when you activate the Cash Picker Bonus, you will be taken to a back street where a garbage truck will keep dropping trash onto the streets. You will then have to choose a bin, with each bin containing a character holding a multiplier. You will need to keep choosing trash cans until Officer Dribble comes out of the trash can showing a ëCollectí sign. Once you receive this sign, you will be rewarded with their winnings and this bonus feature will end. Scavenge through the Trash Can in Top Cat online slot and see what hidden treasures youíll find! 

    Maharaja Heist Bonus 

    Roll the mighty dice and see what youíll land on in Top Cat online slot! The Maharaja Heist Bonus is split into 2 separate parts; a Multiplier Trial and a Big Money Board. The first part of this bonus is the gang will be travelling up the side of the Hotel and you will have to choose members of the gang to see how high you can get. Each character from the gang, you will have to choose to reveal a number of steps to take or a ëCollectí sign. If you are shown the ëCollectí sign, the Bonus will finish and you will be awarded with their winnings. If you manage to reach to the top of Maharaja, then you will begin to travel around the Big Money Board. You will be shown a board layout, with all the gang and Officer Dibble. There will be 2 dices to roll, a red and a blue dice. By rolling the red dice, this will move the gang as far away as they can from Officer Dibble, whilst the blue dice will move Officer Dibble towards the gang to try and catch them. The power is in your field now as you move the gang around the board until Officer Dibble catches them. Once the gang are caught, they will be awarded with their winnings and this bonus feature will come to an end. Thereís SO much opportunity in these bonus features to receive the fortune youíve always dreamt of, spin into Top Cat online slot now and see what cash prizes youíll WIN! 

    Construction Free Spins 

    Wait, thereís MORE!? Sure is! Top Cat doesnít hold back on his own game Top Cat online slot as heís always known the trade to WIN big money whilst causing havoc! When you activate the Construction Free Spins, this will be played across 5 different sets of reels which will be set in a construction site. You will begin the Free Spins on the bottom reel, which will use the least amount of Wild symbols. The further up the reels you go, the more wilds theyíll be within the reels. Collecting Top Cat stickers on each reel will advance the player onto the next reels collecting even more Free Spins along your journey! Do you need MORE reasons to play!? We bet you donít! Spin off into Top Cat online slot to see what riches youíll receive! 

    Diner Free Spins

    FREE!? Yes, please! In Top Cat online slot, if you activate the Diner Free Spins they will be played out on a different set of reels, this will be set in a dark, gloomy and rainy street. During this Free Spins feature the wilds will act as roaming Wilds. After each spin, the Wilds that are showing on the reels will move to a different position and they will remain here for the rest of the spins. If 2 of the Wilds land on the same symbol then this will convert the whole reel into a Wild. What will FREE spins bring you in Top Cat online slot!? Play now!

    Feature Gamble 

    Are you daring enough to take a risk in Top Cat online slot!? Once you receive, you will be given a chance to either Collect this feature or to gamble it. The options will be shown to you in order of your payout, you can play as many rounds as you like as long as you keep winning, the more you win, the better the payout feature. If you decide to gamble and itís unsuccessful, you will be awarded with a Booby Prize, this will be a random cash prize. Take a wild gamble to see if youíll win HUGE cash prizes in Top Cat online slot now! 

    Jackpot King Progressive 

    Are you blinded by our shiny gold jackpots!? Top Cat online slot is handing out the goods! This Jackpot King is a Bonus Round which is triggered by finding 5 Golden Crowns on the reels. You will then be shown a whole new set of reels, where itíll be up to you to find Golden Crowns in order to advance up the Cash Trail. Along your way, you can collect parts of the Kingís Treasure, which will give you cash prizes and Free Spins. Once you reach the top of the cash trail, you will have the chance to spin the Wheel King Bonus. Here you will win a multiplier of up to an tremendous 1000x, or maybe even the remarkable Jackpot King Progressive! Itís all to play for in Top Cat online slot, play today and see if youíll have to wear sunglasses to look at your new gleaming fortune! 0.13% of each stake will be placed into the Reserve pot. Once the overflowing Jackpot King has been won, the jackpot will restart using the reverse pot. The jackpot is originally funded by a seed which is provided by IPS, therefore the jackpot is funded by the initial seed as well as an extra 0.86% of each stake, with an additional 0.13% being put into the Reserve pot.  

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    Choo's Piano Wilds

    Brain's Water Wilds

    Spook's Mice as Nice

    Benny's Colossal TVs

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    Maharaja Heist Bonus

    Construction Site Free Spins

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