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    Are you daring enough? It’s all to play for in Castle Jackpot’s leading casino game, Roulette! This online casino game is taking no prisoners as you enter for those phenomenal cash prizes at stake. Roulette is one of the most popular casino games to play as all you need to do is predict exactly what number the ball will land on for the highest payouts, or for less risk predict the colour or a section you think the ball will land on. 


    Roulette is known for leaving the choices down to you so let’s hope luck is on your side today as you play one of the most popular casino games in history, which is no other than roulette! 

    Casino gamers who prefer games combining luck and strategic betting appreciate roulette. It’s so popular that nearly every casino on the planet has multiple tables. That's true for Castle Jackpot. In fact, we have 10 different roulette games for you to choose from. Not familiar with roulette? It’s a very simple game to learn; in fact, you can learn it in mere minutes. If you want to try the game, simply choose one of our video roulette games. You can play it in demo mode – without wagering any money – as you learn the rules and perfect your betting strategy.

    The premise of roulette is to make your best guess as to where the small marble rotating around the rim of the roulette wheel will fall. When it falls, it will land in a numbered slot coloured either red or black. You win or lose by placing bets on where you think the marble will fall. A correct guess is a winner.

    Play Roulette 

    Legend has it that the crown jewels of Castle Jackpot are hidden away inside the most popular casino game to date which is, of course, Roulette. Roulette is the most world-renowned casino game and with good reason. It’s easy to play and gets your adrenaline pumping like no other live casino game can quite accomplish. So, you may question “How does Roulette work?” Well, it’s simple. 

    You are in control of your own fortune when you play Roulette as you need to predict where you think the ball will land and if the ball lands on the number you picked, you will be on your way to claim some monumental cash prizes! However, if you are a beginner to the Roulette world, you may want to ease into this casino game by placing a wager on several numbers at once or select a section/colour which you predict the ball will land on, this way you will have a higher chance of winning. 

    How To Play Roulette 

    It’s no surprise that Roulette is fit for a King or a Queen so here ye as we’ve got the lowdown on how to play the classic casino game Roulette today. Lucky for all you beginners, Roulette may be Europe's most thrilling casino game but it’s also the easier casino game to play. First things first in roulette, you will need to place a single or multiple bet by selecting a chip from the bottom of the playing field. Then, you must predict where the ball will land on the roulette wheel. Once you’ve made your final decision, spin the wheel to reveal the final result. 

    Additionally, If you’ve bet the lucky wager, the ball will land on your number and you’ll be a winner in Roulette! Remember, you can increase your values with just one magic click, for example, inside bets allow you to cover a range of numbers up to 6. In Roulette, bet 3 numbers on the edge of a row for your remarkable chance at a Trio Bet win. Are you ready to conquer the roulette wheel? Take a spin to find out now! 

    Roulette Game Rules 

    Within roulette online, payouts are determined according to the paytable. All losing bets are cleared from the table. Standard Bet Types control the risks and rewards of your play. The Game Console will give you access to what payouts are available for each bet. If you need to remove a bet from the table in roulette online, press the Shift key. Use the Clear button to remove all. Repeat last play immediately by selecting Rebet and Spin. Sufficient credits are required. Use Double Bet to double your wager. Spins start the roulette game. A Double Bet will not work if maximum bet amounts have been reached. Neighbour and French bets allow you to place multiple bets simultaneously. 

    In roulette, view the left corner to see the numbers and sequence in greater detail. Minimum and maximum limits must be observed. View the Paytable in Roulette for more information. Place 9 bets with select chip values using Voisins. On the left side of the racecourse, Voisin refers to neighbours of zero. Tiers (1/3 of the wheel) can be selected. Other numbers not covered by Voisin and Tiers are called Orphans. These bets cover the central areas. In Roulette, use Pattern Betting to create a maximum of six different bet patterns. These will be saved as presets. These are convenient for repeat players. Clear removes them. For multi-number bets in Roulette, you are permitted to bet up to one-twentieth of the table for every number included in your position. Options provide ways to customise your gaming experience by controlling graphics and audio. Malfunction voids all plays and payouts. 

    Roulette at Castle Jackpot

    Castle Jackpot is your place to play online roulette. We offer numerous versions of both live and video roulette games, so you're sure to find one you love. It would be helpful for you to brush up on the rules of European roulette before you play, as most of our roulette titles are based on the European game.

    Register and start playing roulette today. If you do, we will give you your first £10 for free. Then we'll throw in a bonus when you make your first deposit. It's our way of saying thank you.

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