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    Pixies of the Forest

    Step inside the enchanting forest and flow into a mystical world of Pixies Of The Forest slot game! With magical bonus rounds to set you off and fly the nest to win huge cash prizes. The main draw of Pixies Of The Forest is the 3 for 1 betting system, how does it work you ask? Simple, one coin applies to three paylines simultaneously. You bet on 99 paylines with just 33 coins, meaning your wager is less to get more opportunities to win. Are your wings ready to fly? Play Pixies Of The Forest slot today to see if you have been sprinkled with pixie dust.


    Pixies Of The Forest - How To Play

    Within the enchanted Pixies Of The Forest online slot game, they offer you a 3 for 1 betting on every spin along with a Tumbling Reels feature that increases your chances of winning without increasing your bet. Select the left and right arrow on ‘Coin Value’ in Pixies Of The Forest online slot to increase or decrease your desired bet amount. In terms of betting this system is a lot more enhanced within this online slot through the Tumbling Reels feature. Tumbling reels allow you to earn extra wins following any spin that produces at least one winning combination. In such a case, all symbols in the winning combination would be evaluated, paid, and then disappear from the screen. Click ‘Spin’ to spin the magical reels around and if you click ‘Auto Spin’ this will automatically spin your reels for you, for a number of rounds you wish so you can finally take that well deserved break. Ready to get started? Play Pixies Of The Forest now and see what prizes you could take home!

    Betting In Pixies Of The Forest

    Am I a winner!? The 3 for 1 betting means that all 99 paylines are active for every spin. It also means you will wager 33 coins on every spin. The only thing you decide is how much you want your coins to be worth, these are represented in your currency of choice and can be raised or lowered by using the plus ‘+’ and minus ‘-’ buttons at the bottom of the screen. Are you ready to play Pixies Of The Forest online slot? Get involved now! 

    Manual and Automatic Spinning

    Spin the reels into your destiny!? Hold on, which one will you go for? You can spin one or two ways in Pixies Of The Forest online slot game. The more popular option that’s used is the manual spins, one at a time, by clicking the orange ‘Spin’ button underneath the reels, you can click this button as soon as you are satisfied with your wager. The second option you have is to click the ‘Auto Spin’ button. This button is a grey rectangle situated at the right side of the control panel, when you select ‘Auto Spin’ In Pixies Of The Forest online slot, a new dialogue box opens to offer you several different choices for automatic spinning, just set you options you wish and fly away into Pixies Of The Forest to spin for the golden treasure!

    Pixies Of The Forest Connected Lines Feature

    Are you ready for a unique feature in Pixies Of The Forest online slot? Look no further! This feature enhances 3 for 1 betting, it is called Connected Lines. With connected lines, winning combinations form along a payline as long as the corners or sides of the symbols touch. This feature is what makes it possible to get 99 active paylines on the 5x3 reel set up. What are you waiting for? Play Pixies Of The Forest online slot today and see what if you will take home your dream fortune! 

    Free Spins Bonus

    FREE?! We told you we could do magic in Pixies Of The Forest online slot game! Step right up to the magnificent Free Spins Bonus game. This Bonus is triggered by landing three or more Bonus symbols during base play. Upon triggering the game, you will get the choice to choose between one of the Bonus symbols to reveal how many free spins you’ll receive. The maximum number of free spins is 11, no additional free spins are awarded during bonus play. Fly into Pixies Of The Forest online slot game to see what hidden bonuses you may find…

    Pixies Of The Forest Game Rules

    All winning combinations must originate from the far-left position. Only one win per payline is allowed, so multiple wins occurring on the same line results in only the highest award paid. All payouts are calculated based on the amount wagered and the value of the symbols in the winning combination Any game malfunction automatically voids all pays and plays. 

    Game Stats



    Min. Bet


    Max. Bet



    93% - 94.9%

    Bonus Round

    Tumbling Reels