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    Live Blackjack

    Online gaming experience inspired by the card game Blackjack

    This is as real as it gets without leaving your armchair! In the Live Blackjack game you'll play with live dealers in real-time at a real table with real cards.

    Live Blackjack online game

    The most authentic gaming experience anywhere on the internet the presence of the dealer adds to the excitement of your game. As the dealer turns over those cards look into their eyes and hope they deliver the goods! And for those looking for something different you can select a 3D view - your seat and designated betting area will appear directly on the live stream video image of the game table.

    How to play Live Blackjack

    So you've been greeted by your dealer, you're sitting comfortably in front of the green felted table and you're ready to play. Remember the object of the game is to achieve a hand that is closer to 21 than that of the mortal-being opposite. Real cards are dealt at a real table, and you can place your bets via the easy-to-use interface on your PC or iPad - now all you have to do is hope the dealer produces the cards you need and be on your toes as you build your winning hand.

    How to win at Live Blackjack

    In a nutshell your aim is to defeat the dealers hand by holding the cards with a score that is closest to, but never above, the score of 21. For example, if you have a hand of two kings, that is a score of 20 and only if the Dealer scores 21 will he or she beat you. If you get 22 or more, you are bust and the dealer automatically wins - so weigh up your options before each move and if you outsmart the dealer then the winnings are all yours.