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    King Kong Cash

    Swing from vine to vine into the King Kong Cash online slot game where adventures come to life! With incredible bonus features and huge cash prizes at stake, you’ll be jumping around with joy! Play King Kong Cash now, what will you find in the jungle? 


    King Kong Cash - Buttons 

    Total Bet

    Not so fast! In King Kong Cash online slot you can select the ‘Total Bet’ button to increase or decrease your desired amount, you can bet with as little as 20p or as much as £500. How lucky are you feeling? 


    We’re spinning from all the banana skins left on the floor! Once you’ve selected an total bet amount you’re happy with, click the ‘Spin’ button to begin.


    Sit back and enjoy the jungle view with ‘Autoplay’ in King Kong Cash online slot! Once you select the ‘Autoplay’ button this will spin the reels automatically for you and for the number of rounds you would like, try it out on King Kong Cash today for a chance to win big by just relaxing! 

    Wild Symbols 

    The jungle is known to be full of wild surprises! In King Kong Cash online slot, wild symbols substitute for every symbol except scatter symbols. These will help you create more winning combinations and win big! So, keep your eye out for any wild symbols hidden beneath the trees… 

    Sleepy Kong 

    Shhhh! If Kong wakes up during the game, there is a chance the sleepy kong bonus will be activated. Without any warning, Kong will jump down from his throne and award one of the following features:

    Banana Cannon Wilds 

    Don’t slip up! While the reels spin Kong will come down from his throne armed with a banana cannon and fire a sticky banana bomb at the centre reel. These banana bombs will explode turning additional positions into wilds. After any wins have been taken, Kong will then jump up and smash the ground causing the reels to spin again, giving you more chances to win! Slide into King Kong Cash online slot game today and see what your future holds. 

    Golden Barrel Super Spin

    Make your future as golden as the golden barrel in King Kong Cash online slot game! As the reels spin Kong will leave his throne and throw a golden barrel at the centre of the reels. Watch out! As this will cause a huge explosion over the top of the reels which adds a number of golden barrels to the reels. Once the reels have landed, all the golden barrels in view shall explode and reveal the same symbol. Kong is always up to something sneaky whilst he watches over the jungle so look out for him when you’re playing King Kong Cash online slot!

    King Kong Spin Streak 

    Kong has left his throne again, I repeat Kong has left the throne! Once the reels have stopped, there is a chance Kong will come down from his throne on a winning combination and beat the reels with a wooden mallet causing the trigger symbols to remain in position but improving the win, let Kong take the wheel in King Kong Cash online slot to help you increase your chances of taking some impressive cash prizes away with you! 

    Bonus Boost 

    Can you handle the heat of the jungle in King Kong Cash online slot? Very similar to the Golden Barrel Super Spin Bonus, this will do the same except it will add a number of different bonus symbols on the reels. 

    Barrel Blast Bonus 

    Have a blast in King Kong Cash online slot! The Barrel Blast Bonus is triggered by landing on the barrel blast segment of the reel during King Kong Bonus. You will be shown a number of barrels on the screen, along with a winplan on the left. Which barrel will you choose? Well that’s entirely up to you! Next you will have to select a barrel to reveal an mystery item, each item will match up to a total bet multiplier which is paid or matching 3 of the same item. Revealing a special icon will upgrade the total bet multipliers and collecting 3 golden monkeys will award the king kong cash Big Monkey Bonus. Play King Kong Cash online slot to unleash the inner wild player you really are! 

    King Kong Trial Bonus 

    There’s MORE!? Sure is! In the King Kong Trial Bonus you will be presented with a retro style platform game. This bonus is split into two stages, stage one is a multiplier trial which will eventually lead to the Big Monkey Bonus. If you reach the big monkey bonus Kong will appear in the centre of the screen surrounded by a carousel of barrels, the barrels will begin to spin and come to a stop, rewarding you with 1000x the total bet.  Play King Kong Cash online slot game today to see what slopes you’ll encounter!

    Empire Free Spins 

    The Jungle empire has risen and is offering FREE spins! The Empire Free Spins Bonus is activated by landing on the empire free spins segment of the wheel, this will take you to the top of the empire state building with multiple reels in view. The screen will start at the top of the empire state building pans down to other reels, you will then be presented with a bottom level in which you will play out a set of free spins. The aim of the free spins round is to collect golden monkeys which will randomly appear on the reels and by collecting these you will move up to the next level. As you get higher up, additional spins are awarded. Free spins continue until all the spins are used and you will be awarded the overall amount displayed in the bonus winnings. So, jump into King Kong Cash online slot game and see what your destiny holds for you! 

    Golden Kong Free Spins 

    Golden Kong strikes again in the Golden Kong Free Spins feature! This feature is played on a 5x4 slot reel and has 40 paylines, you are awarded a fixed amount of Free Spins and if any Special Wild Symbols appear on a spin then the corresponding number of wilds will be added to the wild bank on the right hand side of the screen. Once you have completed the initial Free Spins, you will be awarded with an outstanding series of Wild Spins, which you will play on the same slot. During each of the Spins, the accumulated number of wilds will be randomly added to the reels. Once your spins have come to an end you will have the choice of three barrells. Question is, which barrell will include the Golden Monkey? Choose wisely! Once you have made a final decision, if the barrel you have picked reveals a Golden Monkey then the reels will spin again, but if it reveals a bomb then the Bonus feature will finally come to an end. Do you have the magic touch? Play King Kong Cash and let your fortune grow from your own decisions! 

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