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    Cleopatra PLUS

    Cleopatra is back with another amazing slot, Cleopatra Plus! With 2x Wild symbols in the base game and a free spins round you can accumulate more and win big!

    Base Game

    Cleopatra Plus is a 40 payline, 5x3 slot game which features 2x wild symbols, a free spins bonus and a Level up plus feature to unlock countless more features!


    Line Bet

    If you want to increase or decrease your bet in cleopatra plus simply use the left button (-) to decrease your bet and the right button (+) to increase it.

    Total Bet

    The Total Bet window shows how much you have staked on the next round in total


    Press the spin button to spin the reels at the current bet level.


    Press the autoplay button to select how many times you would like the reels to spin automatically.


    Click the spanner to open up the settings to adjust the game to how you like it


    Wilds substitute for all symbols except pharaoh symbols.

    Stacked Wilds

    Wilds can stack in rows of 2, 3, 6 and 10. The size of the wild stacks are chosen at random

    Free Spins

    If you get 3 scattered Pharaoh Symbols anywhere on the reels this will trigger the free spins bonus. a Pharoah symbol with one character will equal one Follower toward your Level Up bonus, a symbol with 2 characters will equal 2 characters and finally a symbol with 3 characters on it will equal 3 followers. The Free Spins are played with the mutliplier earned in the Bonus Map. The Last Spin multiplier is only available on the last spin and replaces the previous free spin mutliplier. Super Spins are played after all the regulat spins have been played and use the same multiplier.

    Bonus Maps

    When you gain followers you can choose to place them on three different maps: Alexandria, The Nile River Vally or the Pyramids of Giza but be aware that not all maps are available at all levels. You will start the bonus games with 5 Free Spins and a 1x mutliplier and each map has a number of locations where you can place your followers. You can choose to spread the followers wherever you like on the map. Once the followers have been placed, each location reveals its reward. These rewards are: A number of Free Spins, A Free Spins Multiplier, An Initial Bonus, Last Spin Multiplier or a number of Super Spins.

    Level Up Plus Feature

    The Level Up Plus Feature is now available on Cleopatra. Collect followers to unock additional features that can help to permanently increase your payback. You'll keep you levels each time you come back, so don't worry about losing all your progress when you close the game. Each time you level up, you will unlock one new feature:


    Level Unlock
    1 -
    2 Nile River Valley Bonus Realm
    3 New Bonus symbol with 2 followers
    4 3 new Diety symbols
    5 New Bonus symbol with 3 followers
    6 Last Spin Multiplier Feature
    7 Pyramids of Giza Bonus Realm
    8 Super Spins Feature


    Game Stats



    Min. Bet


    Max. Bet



    92.8 - 96.4%

    Bonus Round

    Stacked 2x Wilds

    Diety Symbols

    Free Spins Bonus

    Level Up Plus Feature