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    Take a trip down the Nile and venture through Egypt and play Cleopatra online slot game! Cleopatra is a 20 payline game packed with exotioic flavour, with a range of bonus features and massive cash prizes up for grabs to keep you discovering the ancient ruins! Play the extremely popular Cleopatra online slot game now to see what you’ll find…


    Cleopatra - Buttons


    How lucky are you feeling!? In Cleopatra online slot game you can bet 1-5 credits on each payline. The following number of per lines to bet credits are:

    Click 1 per line = bet 1 credit on all 20 paylines
    Click 2 per line = bet 2 credits on all 20 paylines
    Click 3 per line = bet 3 credits on all 20 paylines
    Click 4 per line = bet 4 credits on all 20 paylines

    Simply, click the Bet Max button in Cleopatra online slot game to bet the maximum which is 5 credits on each payline. If you have fewer than 100 credits, Bet Max will bet all of your remaining credits. However, if you do not want to to bet on all 20 paylines, you can click the button to the left or right of the payline that you want to bet on. You can bet on any of the paylines this way, and you can bet up to 5 credits on each payline that you choose. So get involved today and see if it’s your lucky day on Cleopatra slot!


    Ready to enter the Egyptian ruins? Click ‘Play’ to spin the reels and reveal your destiny! 

    Cleopatra Bonus 

    More chances to win BIG!? Count me in! If sphinx symbols appear in any position on two or more reels this will earn you a scatter award relevant to your total bet. The more sphinx symbols that land on your reels, the larger your scatter award multiplier! Make sure you look at the paytable for specific information. Additionally, Sphinx symbols appearing in any position on three or more reels will ultimately trigger the Cleopatra Bonus and your effective bet for all your free spins is identical as the bet you placed when you triggered the bonus. Free spins are played out automatically, if during a free spin, Sphinx symbols appear on three or more reels, an extra 15 free spins will be added to your current free spin bonus. After your final free spin, if you had one or more winning outcomes in the bonus, the total of awards is displayed. Remember, the bonus multiplier does not apply to the top award which is 5 cleopatra symbols. Play Cleopatra online slot game today and see if you’re a winner! 


    Malfunction voids all pays and plays. All payline wins occur on bet-upon line only, except for Shinx Symbols and Scatter pay. Coinciding wins on different paylines are added and all scatter awards are independent from payline awards and are also added to the total amount paid. All awards are shown in credits. A bonus trigger within a free spin adds an additional 15 FREE spins, up to a maximum of 180 total free spins within any bonus round, Play cleopatra online slot game and you could also win 180 free spins within a bonus game! 

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