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    Blackjack Multihand


    Blackjack the game where you go head to head with the dealer. Take charge of every seat at the table and increase your chances, get 21 and you'll be a winner. Risk it all or play it safe, the choice is yours.

    How To Play

    The aim of the game is to achieve a value as close to 21 as possible using 2 or more cards, whilst still beating the dealer. If the dealer receives more than 21 then all remaining hands on the table are winners.

    Game Controls


    Chips range from 50p up to £100 on the table with the maximum bet amount at £500 per seat equating £2,500 max bet overall. Simply click on each chip to decide how much you would like to bet before each hand is dealt.


    Click CLEAR to clear all bets on the table.


    Click the curved arrow to the left of the seat to remove only the most recent bet placed on the table.


    Click The X to the right of the seat to remove all bets from the seat.

    Total Bet

    This shows the total bet you have placed overall across the table before each hand.


    Here you will see your total balance left in your account before each hand.

    Place All

    This takes the current chip selected and places said chip on all 5 seats of the blackjack table. The maximum bet amount is £500 per seat equating £2,500 max bet overall.


    Once you have placed a chip on one or more of the seats click deal to begin your first game.

    In Game Play


    Hit and you will draw another card to your hand.


    Stand and you will finish your hand with the cards that are currently laid on the table. This will then move the next hand to the dealer depending on the state of play.


    You'll be offered this once per hand and only after your first two cards have been dealt. The chips will then be doubled and placed on top of the existing chips to show the increase.


    If you receive two cards of the same value, for example, two 10's. Then you will be given the option to split these cards and create a new bet. Initiating this will split the cards and then place a bet of the same amount on the other card. Further cards will then be added except if you are dealt split Aces. In the event of split Aces only one extra card is dealt per split hand.


    At the end of your hand you have the option to repeat the same bet that was placed to begin with. The same bet amount will be used and the cards will then be dealt automatically.


    You can also choose to REBET this will place the same chips on the table without cards being dealt. Choosing this option will allow you to make modifications to your bet before pressing deal to start a new game.

    Game Stats

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    Max. Bet