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    Beehive Bedlam

    Fly into our Beehive Bedlam online slot game to search for the sweet cash prizes! Collect the pollen to help save the bees, with Honey Jar bonus games and our sweet jackpot you’ll be stinging your way into your dream destiny! Play Beehive Bedlam today and be part of natures wonder to win HUGE cash prizes along your travels!


    Beehive Bedlam - Buttons


    Get a taste of the countryside air on the Beehive Bedlam slot, on the side of your reels there is a honey jar which is your ‘Stake’ you can adjust this by clicking the minus button ‘-’ to decrease and click the plus button ‘+’ to increase your desired value you wish to play with!


    The winds are strong and we’re spinning out of control this summer's day on the Beehive Bedlam slot, control your dream fortune by clicking the ‘Play’ button to spin the reels to see if you will be our next sweet winner! 


    Need a little extra help? On the Beehive Bedlam slot you can select the ‘Menu’ button to view the game's paytable and the achievement system. 

    How To Win 

    Beehive Bedlam Reactors does not use any paylines, instead matching symbols can be found anywhere on the reels. The aim of the game is to five at least 5 adjacent matching symbols on the reels and they will pop and disappear. The total value of the disappearing symbol will then appear on the board to the right which is the ‘Pollen Count’. New symbols will fall in their place and if any matches are found, they will also pop and award a win. Play Beehive Bedlam today to see what cash prizes you can store for the winter!

    The Honey Jar 

    Honey must be funny in a beehives world! If you find any beekeeper symbols this will add honey to the large jar to the left of the reels. Fill the jar with 20 lots of honey and the Honey Jar Bonus will begin! During the bonus, the amount you win will be reflective of the average stake in the total time taken to activate the bonus. Fly into our Beehive Bedlam today! 

    Honey Jar Bonus Game 

    Hooray! You’ve filled the honey jar to the top! Once the honey jar is full, the Honey Jar Bonus will start. During this bonus, click the screen to keep Buzz flying and avoid any obstacles on your travels but collect all the golden coins you see! This bonus game will give you extra help to win incredible cash prizes! 

    Progressive Jackpot

    Our mouthwatering progressive jackpot is sweet enough to be available to win during the Free Falls Feature. In order to win the jackpot, you must wait until your final Free Fall. Embark on a mission to find all the symbols to spell out and highlight JACKPOT to win the total amount. We bee-lieve in you! 

    Free Falls 

    If three or more Free Falls symbols land on your reels, this will trigger the Free Falls Bonus. Astonishing higher paying symbols and additional Free Fall symbols are added to the mix on your reels during the Free Falls feature. The amount of Free Fall you receive will depend on the number of Free Fall symbols that you matched together. 

    Find 3 symbols to trigger 8 Free Falls
    Find 4 symbols to trigger 10 Free Falls
    Find 5 symbols to trigger 12 Free Falls
    Find 6 symbols to trigger 15 Free Falls

    Game Stats

    Min. Bet


    Max. Bet



    92.84 - 94.37%

    Bonus Round

    Progressive Jackpot

    Free Falls


    Honey Jar Bonus Game

    World Bonus Game