Black Ice

Get your skates on in Black Ice online slot game! This icebreaker slot game is a five reel, ten win line slot that includes a glistening Free Spin Feature. But that’s not all. The Black Ice online slot game by the 3D option to bring your sparkling reels to life.




Min Bet


Max Bet

Bonus: Free Spin Feature

Black Ice slot has five reels, ten paylines and an epic Free Spin Feature!

Black Ice - Buttons

How much? In Black Ice online slot game, press the Bet window to adjust your desired bet amount that you wish to play with.

Spin, spin, spin! In Black Ice online slot game, make sure your Bet is selected and once you’re happy, press the Spin button to begin.

Auto play
Take a break and WIN! In Black Ice online slot game, you can press the Auto play button to spin your reels automatically for a number of rounds you wish.

Stop Auto play
Change of heart? No problem! In Black Ice online slot game, during auto play, you can press the Stop button to cancel at any time.

Help is on its way! In Black Ice online slot game, you can press the Menu button at any time other than when a game is in progress to view the games paytable, game rules and receive general information.

Black Ice - Bonus Feature

Free Spin Feature
FREE spins? That’s right. Black Ice online slot game introduces to you the Free Spin Feature. At the very beginning of each new game, there are 8 wilds on each reel. Whenever a win is obtained, all non-Wild symbols used in that win are changed to Wild symbols. A free respin is then awarded using the enhanced reels. If there are any subsequent wins on the respin then all non-Wild symbols used in those wins are also changed to Wild symbols. Another respin is awarded and this process repeats until either no win is obtained or the Jackpot is won. At the end of every game, the number of Wilds per reel are reset to 8, ready for the next game. Find out if you’ll take home the riches as you play Black Ice online slot game today!

Camera View
Feel like you’re actually in Black Ice online slot game with the real-time 3D option! In Black Ice online slot game, you can change the camera view with just a click of a button. The selection of camera views are as follows:

On Desktop, you have 2 choices which are the Cinematic mode and the Stationary mode. With the Cinematic mode (default), the camera automatically moves around and the Stationary mode allows you as the player to control the camera yourself, giving you the ultimate freedom.

On the other hand, with mobile devices, you are given 2 more following camera options. The first one is Tilt mode (default) which moves when the device is tilted and the second camera view is Stationary mode meaning the camera is stationary, regardless of how the device is tilted.

Castle’s Verdict

Here at Castle Jackpot, we think Black Ice online slot game carries so much potential due to the Free Spin Feature and the options of Camera View to give players the best online slots experience. This online slot game can be played on desktop or mobile, making it accessible to play wherever, whenever which is why we cannot recommend Black Ice online slot game enough!

Game Info and Rules

Game rules and information can be accessed from inside the game in all formats by pressing the Menu button just above the clock at the bottom-right of the game area.