Chat Games at Castle Jackpot

#Chat Games

Our fantastic Chat Moderators will play chat games throughout the day in **Room 1, 75 ball bingo room and the Lounge to give you a chance to win free tickets to use in the Bargain Bingo Room.

What is a chat game?

If community spirit is what you're after, bingo Chat games are great fun and a way to interact with other bingo players in our rooms. It’s also a great way to earn yourself free bingo tickets!

How do I join in a chat game?

The CM (Chat Moderator) will post the rules into the chat room. Number chat games are mainly played at the moment.

The CM will ask you to select a certain amount of numbers. When these numbers have been called on the bingo game, you need to say the word in the rules and the numbers. For example, the chat game is Mirrors. You pick 2 numbers that mirror each other by telling them to the CM - 12, 21. When 12 and 21 have been called on the bingo game, say Mirror 12 21 to claim. The player who claims correctly in the winning position wins the free bingo tickets. Confirm that you are in each round to continue playing!

General Chat Bingo Terms and Conditions

  1. To be eligible to receive any chat competition wins, you must have purchased a ticket in the session you claim the prize on.
  2. A maximum of 15 free bingo tickets can be won per day on regular chat competitions.
  3. Chat competition funds will be added as free bingo tickets for use in The Lounge bingo room.
  4. In the event of any dispute on a chat or special chat competition, the decision of the CM is final.
  5. In the event of any dispute concerning eligibility, the decision of Management is final.

Free Bingo Tickets T's and C's 6. Free tickets can only be claimed in The Lounge bingo room (which is open 7-10 pm daily). 7. Free tickets must be claimed from the My Promotions page 8. Min value of tickets per chat game prize is £0.05 (if used to buy 1p tickets) and max value is £1.25 (if used to buy 5p tickets). 9. All winnings from free tickets paid as cash. 10. Players will have 3 days from date claimed to play free tickets.