20 Bingo Lingo Terms

Bingo Lingo

Here at Castle Jackpot, we host a whole range of Online Slots that are played by many knights and maidens, in all of the slots online realm! However, were our mighty jousters aware of the fact we also host the most exclusive online bingo games here at Castle Jackpot? And in order for thou to take a gander at them, we believe it is important to know the terminology used in the chat rooms!

At Castle Jackpot, we truly believe that all jousters should be in tune with the terms used in bingo games as they are known as ‘bingo lingo’ terms and when jousters are in the Bingo Chat room, they can be classed as one of the most vital, if not the most vital, aspects of Bingo.

Fun Fact: ‘Bingo Lingo’ first came around with the bingo callers in the halls using witty humour and for the numbers to be drawn from the barrel, and it was their way of adding a bit of spice to the game and for the caller to express their sense of humour.

This tradition of jokey humour and wit thrown around the bingo halls has continued onto the online platform of bingo games, through the use of bingo chat rooms and the common bingo terms that are used in those chat rooms. The chat rooms mimic the bingo halls in the way there is a chat host, essentially the ‘caller’ and the players in the chat room.

In order for our knights and maidens, to understand the Bingo terms, Castle Jackpot decided to dedicate a blog post to simply addressing 20 random bingo terms and create a bit of a ‘Bingo Glossary’ for all of our Bingo newbies and connoisseurs.

20 Bingo Lingo Terms Explained

‘BINGO!’ - It would be wrong to begin the bingo glossary with any other word than, the big word itself. Though it is self-explanatory, this is what someone who has hit that winning combination would yell in sheer happiness! Or if we’re talking in internet terms, what the winning player would type into the bingo chat in caps and exclamation points to show reflect their victory.

Bingo Card - Whether it be a traditional form of bingo or the online game, the bingo card is devised of rows and columns with numbers that are used to keep track of which numbers are ticked off.

Chat Host - Hostess with the Mostess, very much like traditional bingo halls having callers, online bingo games have chat hosts, who do not take part in the game but manage the game ensuring it all runs smoothly and there are no collisions or problems.

75 Ball Bingo - This type of Bingo is an American style bingo which, as it says in the name uses 75 balls. This is also the type of bingo we have featured on our bingo page, check it out for daily and weekly pre-buy tickets and the different patterns to make in order to land a win.

80 Ball Bingo - This type of Bingo has taken the internet by a storm! This bingo game basically used 80 balls that are called out.

90 Ball Bingo - This type of Bingo is what can be described as a UK style Bingo, this is also the Bingo that is most favoured and loved by the internet, most sites will host this type of bingo.

Legs 11 - This call has personified as the two ones, which mimic ‘legs’ when they are placed next to one another.

Two Fat Ladies - This call is another one that has been personified based on what it imitates by the numbers, in this case, it is the curves of the number 8 that imitates two large ladies sitting beside one another.

Any Way - This terminology is used for when a bingo game is played in literally ‘any way’, meaning the winning pattern can be accomplished in any direction possible. To elaborate further, this can be any number pattern or letter pattern or even any shape, as long as it is complete, the win is guaranteed.

BOGOF - This is a type of offer that can be available when playing bingo on Castle Jackpot, this means ‘buy one get one free’. This is in relation to bingo tickets that players purchase before taking part in the game.

Deposit Bonus - This is the type of bingo promotion offered to new players in order to encourage them to sign up. At Castle Jackpot if thou register, thou will receive 10 Free Spins! (T&Cs apply). To read all about the promotions and offers we have on Castle Jackpot, why not take a look at our promotions?

Wild Number - The last digit on the wild card can be played on the whole bingo card. For example, if the wild number is 11, the player can tick off the other numbers such as 12, 45, 67 and so on.

Full House - Once all of the numbers in the bingo game have been ticked off on the bingo ticket, the main prize will be awarded. This is what a Full House is.

Jackpot - This is the main and biggest cash prize that can be won in a bingo game. Here at Castle Jackpot, we truly believe if you win this you are one lucky ducky!

Fair and Square - This is the type of bingo game where all players are required to purchase the same amount of tickets, meaning no one player has an unfair advantage of multiple tickets.

Pattern - this is the required layout of correct numbers that lead to a win. On our bingo games here at Castle Jackpot, we usually have different patterns to be played on an hourly basis.

Progressive - In a bingo game, it is vital that a bingo jackpot must be won within a certain number of balls, however, if this does not happen, it can lead to a progressive jackpot that keeps growing until a player beats the threshold.

Speed - This is a type of bingo game where the whole card is required to be filled out and the caller calls out the numbers extremely fast. Perfect for Castle Jackpot players who are in a hurry.

RNG - ‘random number generator’ is a computerised program that randomly selects bingo numbers that are called out, an RNG is fundamentally the online parallel of a bingo blower or a ball basket. Here at Castle Jackpot, like all online bingo sites, we do utilise random number generators to govern the numbers being called out during a bingo game.

Auto Buy - This is a feature that all of our bingo games have here at Castle Jackpot, they allow the players to buy a set amount of tickets to be able to play the game. Each game has a different number of maximum tickets a Castle Jackpot player can purchase and the price varies on each game on our bingo page.

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